Our Journey with a Sensational Child

Family Goals

I’m a goal-oriented person.  So, when the therapist mentioned that we were going to come up with SPD goals for the therapy, I was quite pleased.  I had imagined that we could go through weeks and weeks of OT sessions without knowing if we had accomplished anything. But, with goals, we would have a desired end-state identified. My day job in the project management profession helps me understand that not all goals are quantifiable.  It also makes me tend toward quantification anyway.

The first part of every goal we identified is quite vague, especially since there wasn’t really a baseline behavior measurement to compare against. The second part is closer to what I was seeking and really speaks to me.  On the noise-making item, I had identified that I wanted to find a happy medium between SuperE’s desire to constantly make noise and my desire for constant silence. I figured that would be measured by my frustration level.

I was hoping that we would turn out to be compatible house-mates. And, I was hoping to be able to enjoy a night out for dinner again.

Super Family Goals:

1- Increase self regulation (related to personal space) so that he recognizes other’s cues and responds appropriately.

2- Increase persistence through tasks that he’s not motivated to do.  For example, after given directions, he tries the task in his own way.

3- Increase self-regulation (related to noise making).

4- Increase sitting tolerance to be able to sit through a meal.

5- Improve impulse control so that he waits for verbal instructions before responding (instead of starting, or perhaps even completing the task before instructions are completed).

I’m looking forward to our first milestone report. I can already tell that number 4 is improving.  Will we really have it all accomplished by the middle of May?


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